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Some Artikels of Interest for Square and Contra Dance Callers
(and for dancers too)

Caller Seminar by Don Armstrong
The Direction of our Caller's Training, by Dick Leger
Advice for budding Callers   <°(((((((><

The Perfect Caller by Hilary Johnson, English Folk Dance & Song Society

CDP The Community Dance Program; a short Introduction.
Singing Call Figures for the CDP   <°(((((((><
The A B C Method, a new approach with easy square dancing.

The Classical Square Dance as a short Entry Program   <°(((((((><
Classical Square Dance - The basic Formations.   <°(((((((><

Traditional Square Dance   <°(((((((><

Origin of Names for Square Dance Calls

Grand Square Workshop Some simple variations, great variety for the dancers.   <°(((((((><
GRAND THRU - an easy Grand-Figure for 64 steps <°(((((((><
The World Best Piece of Patter Call   <°(((((((><
Singing Call Figure with good Bodyflow   <°(((((((><

Sources for CALLERLAB Definitions
CALLERLAB Code of Ethics
Lost Square Procedure by CALLERLAB

65 possibilities to set up a Zero Box with basics from the Mainstream Program
Checklist for the Movements used (Excel5-spreadsheet, 133KB) Numbers according the revision of 2008-06-01
    - and how it was used by Open Country MS in 2010
Animated Square Dance Basics (some links)
Tempo Calculation for Dance Music (downloadable Program)   <°(((((((><
1220 Singing Call Figures from Basic1 to full Mainstream, sorted according the new teaching order, those which I carry with me as Read Only Memory can be found as PDF file on my homepage. However, I would like some recompensation for this link. E.g. send me a singing call record (CD preferred).
Here is a sample page.

All about Contra Dancing   <°(((((((><
Contra Dance as a Teaching Tool in Square Dance Class (Handout of my seminar at the ECTA-Convention 2005)
PDF-File in German and English languge, load down as a ZIP-File (288 KB)   <°(((((((><
Beat versus Phrase by Hal Rice, Author of "Western Style Contra"

History of Square and Contra Dance   <°(((((((><
35 Years of Experiences with EAASDC (2005)   <°(((((((><
How and why Star Promenade loses its number.   <°(((((((><
CALLERLAB'S Proposal of a three-tiered Dresscode
"Traditional" Square Dance Attire
Reports from my Seminars
International Behaviour ;-)

Discussion boards for Square Dancers and Callers   <°(((((((><

Caller-Homepages I visited   <°(((((((><

Diplom Graduation Diploma in English or in German language

You can get the German version neatly printed with individual names from
GG-Verlag Hameln

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