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In Contra Dancing, a group of people dances devised interwoven geometrical movements in congruence with the structure of the music.

... a group of people ... : Most contras are danced in lanes, where one line of dancers faces another line. But there are many other forms, which I also count among the contra dances, if the other criterias are fulfilled.

... devised movements ... : Movements in contra dancing must be devised beforehand, to fit the structure of the music. In most cases they are taught and walked through, before they are danced with music.

... interwoven geometrical movements ... : Round Dance and Line Dance too consist of devised movements. But these movements are danced by single dancers or single couples, and are not related to a group.
Whether a sequence of circles, stars and swings may be considered as "interwoven" is debatable. Perhaps "interlinked" would be a better term?

... in congruence with the structure of the music : Contra dance music must have a distinct structure. However, it must not always be A-A-B-B.
Somewhere I read that music is sound with a structure and a purpose.

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