Frequently Asked Questions about Open Country Hannover

Square Dance - what is it?
Two or more couples dance with easy walking steps to the commands of a "CALLER" changing formations as e.g. Stars, Circles, and Lines. (You find a more detailed definition here.)

What are the Prerequisites?
You should be able to move on your own feet for at least a quarter of an hour. You should be able to count to four and to tell your right hand from your left. (You do not need to worry about your right or left foot.) The ability to see and even more to hear is helpful. I expect a fair knowlege of the German language. Basic knowlege of English language is helpful, but not required. Personal cleanliness is a must. Because: You must be willing to touch other people, and be touched by them.
We do not want such guys as shown here.

Must I come with a Partner?
These dances are done in couples, but you need not to come in couples. You even should not dance the whole evening with the same partner. Everyone hat the right to ask everybody for the next dance. Usually there are more females than males. Therefore, some femals should decide to dance the men's part. This is not difficult. But it is difficult to change roles with every dance.

How old are the dancers?
Square Dancing brings fun at 8 years and at 80 years ... and this needs not to be a limit.

May Children be brought along?
Parents may bring along their children, if the kids can busy themselves in a quiet way, or even want to dance too. But Open Country is not meant to kindergarden kids without their parents.

What should I wear?
Most important are comfortable shoes with a sole which allows sliding steps. Furthermore, we expect clean casual clothes.

How much does it cost?
2 € per evening - the ticket for the ÜSTRA costs more.
However, according to the new GEMA regulations (2009) I must assume a fixed membership. Therefore I ask for membership dues of 10 €, which can be used for 5 evenings.
By the way - 25% of the financial applause (after deduction of costs for rent, music, dues etc.) go to the Christoffel-Blindenmission. This is my way of paying tax - and I do believe that this money is spent for something helpful.

Must I come regularily?
Before every dance, the required movements will be explained and walked through. Thus even newcomers can start to dance immediately. If you were away for quite some time, you can dance again with us nonetheless. Of course, you will get the more training, experience, and friendship, the often you come.

What is the difference between Open Country and other Square Dance Clubs?
We can integrate newcomers at the start of every dance evening. You do not need to wait one year for the start of a new class.

Are there international rules for this kind of dancing too?
OPEN COUNTRY follows basically the Community Dance Program "CDP" from CALLERLAB.
A new approach of this kind is the A-B-C-Method from the Rio Grande Valley Callers Assiciation.
But sometimes I go to the limits of the Classical Square Dance.

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Published 2003-01-01   /   lastly revised and amended 2010-03-01   /   Heiner Fischle, Hannover, Germany