Heiner Fischle, Hannover: Caller - Animator - Author
I call Open Square and Contra Dance - a mixture of
the Community Dance Program (CDP)
the A B C Method
and Traditional Square Dance
Tuesday 7.30 pm ... 9.00 pm at the Epiphanias-Church

I call in cooperation with Marion Rump the Mainstream Club
Lucky Stars Hannover
Wednesday 7.30 pm ... 9.30 pm at the Epiphanias-Church

I call under the egide of the Communal Senior Citizen's Service a cautious approach to square dancing
Thursday 3.00 pm ... 4.00 pm at the Begegnungsstätte Vahrenheide

Here is my detailed Schedule

I dance the Mainstream Program
often with the Cloverleaves Hannover
fairly regularly with the Happy Squares Hannover

I dance PLUS with the Square Couples Langenhagen

Heiner Fischle, Summer 2002
If you want at Family or Parish Parties or Street Fairs the partizipants to come into contact - literally - then I would be glad to lead easy forms of Square Dance in its widest sense: circle left ... circle right ... into the center and back ... However, it is necessary that the audience is willing to partizipate. If everybody waits to see what goes on, then nothing will go on. But at least you will have half an hour of country music.
I give also Serminars about Contra- and/or Squaredance.
In any case I must relay on Public Transportation or/and help.

I wrote these Books (resp. booklets):
Leitfaden / A Guide To / Contra Dance (in German and English language)
First Steps to Contra Dance (available either in German or English language)
Traditional Square Dance (German Text, English Calls)
Der Klassische Square Dance (= The Classical Square Dance)
Der Moderne Square Dance (= The Modern Square Dance)
Singing Calls for CDP
Wörterbuch Square Dance (= Square Dance Dictionairy)
The Copernican Revolution of Economy

Please contact me via E-Mail at mail@heinerfischle.de or at
Heiner Fischle / Meierwiesen 34 / 30657 Hannover / Germany
fon : && 49 - 511 - 60 11 54
If I am not near the phone, after 30 seconds the htp voicebox will answer, and you can leave a message.
Best times to reach me are
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 3 pm til 6 pm
Thursday after 6 pm (Mid-European Time, of course)
Please don't ring while it is nighttime in Europe.
In any case I prefer E-Mail above phone calls; but please provide a sufficient subject line to distinguish it from SPAM.

My Biography

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