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History of Square and Contra Dance

History of Square Dancing from 1651 to 1987

History of Contra Dancing from 2000 BC to 2000 AD

35 Years of experience with the EAASDC (2005)

20 Years of Open Country Hannover (2006)

Roots of Square Dancing found in the 1st edition of John Playford's English Dancing Master. (1651)

Time Travel through the history of Country- Contra- and Square-Dance
(PDF-File, 153 KB; Handout of my seminar at the ECTA Convention 2003, with music notation.)

The meaning of Chain in the 18th Century

Description of the Ladies' Chain, 1864

Traditional Square Dance

Henry Ford about the revival of "Old-Fashioned Dancing"

A rural ball in The Sufferings of Young Werther, by J. W. Goethe

The earliest Contra Dance (by Homer)

Praise of the Dance (by Saint Augustine)

Traditional Square Dance Attire
Quiz Question

Square Dance History on the Homepage of the EAASDC
This is how Kenny Reese sees it
Thom Kafka tells something about Henry Ford

A Brief History of Square and Round Dancing by Herb Egender
A Brief History of Square and Round Dancing by Veronica Ann McClure
Square Dance History (Mid Atlantic Challenge Association)
Ralph Sweet's Personal Square Dance History
Bob Brundage interviews famous callers

A selection of articles on the homepage of the California Heritage Dancers
Some articles about the History of dancing in general in the archives of
Library of Congress Facsimiles of old dancebooks

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