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All these sites have my full confidence. Nevertheless, I cannot be held responsible for their contents or their links, since I have no influence on them.
Links in Bold Print provide a reciprocal link to my homepage.
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I am a member of:
  ECTA European Caller and Teacher Association e.V.
  Country Dance & Song Society
  Lloyd Shaw Foundation
  LAG Tanz Niedersachsen
  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volkstanz
  Bundesverband Seniorentanz

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Information about Square Dancing:
  EAASCD European Association of American Square Dance Clubs e.V.
  ECTA European Caller and Teacher Association e.V.
  Square Dance Deutsch Extensive Information
  Vic and Debbie Ceder's Square Dance ResourceNet - the largest private Square Dance Site in the Internet.
  International Listing of Square Dance Clubs at (Hanhurst; and you find there a lot more.)
  Animated Square Dance Basics (Some links)

  A List of German Square Dance Clubs (even non-EAASDC / Round / Clogging) by Klaus Rohrbach
  Richard Bauer worked on Google Earth Maps of European Square Dance Clubs
  Caller Homepages I visited (more than 200 entries)   <°(((((((>< European Caller to hire. (Entries must be paid for.) Listing of German Callers by Steffen Knott
  Discussion boards for Square Dancers and Callers   <°(((((((><
  Squaredance-Portal by Klaus Däberitz
  Monthly for upcoming events
  CountryHome has a Listing for Square Dance Clubs (and also for Line Dance and Western Riding). Club- and Caller- Database, Greeting cards, …
  Square Dance Links at with extensive excerpts and booklist
  More Square Dance Organisations worldwide   <°(((((((><
  SD-Ring.doc A List of the Members of the Square & Round Dance Webring
  Square Dance Clipart from Lysle Shields Jr., Huntsville, Alabama, USA (nothing wriggling)
  Rising Generation - A website for young Squaredancers
  Is Square Dance Day on January 24 or on November 29?

  National Square Dance Convention general Information
  62nd National Square Dance Convention® June 22 - 25 2016 / Des Moines, Iowa
  USAWest Square Dance Convention

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Information about Contra Dancing:
  My own pages about Contra Dancing   <°(((((((><
  Information about Contra Dance from Hans Krackau, Berlin
  CONTRALAB The international Association of Contra Dance Callers for Contra Dance in the Contralab Style
  Country Dance & Song Society Traditional Contra Dance in North-America
  Lloyd Shaw Foundation Custos of the Legacy
  Folk Dance Association Contra, Traditional, Ethnic Dancing in North America
  EFDSS English Folk Dance and Song Society
  Contradancelinks by Charles Seelig - updated regularly
  My own Contra Dance Link List   <°(((((((><
  Contra Dance CDs I own with list of contents and an evaluation   <°(((((((><

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Information about Other Dancing:
  LAG Tanz (State Association Dance) Niedersachsen
  Combined Entry Page of the LAGen Tanz (State Associations for Folklore Dance)
  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Volkstanz
  Bundesverband Seniorentanz
  Deutscher Tanzsportverband e.V.
  ROUNDALAB (Round Dance Cuer Association)
  German Entry Page for Round Dance
  A listing of German Dance Groups by Nils Dornblut
  Dancilla (Dance, Videos and more)
  Worldwide Links to Many Kinds of Dancing
  Le Conseil International de la Danse - CID Global Dance-Adresslist

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  Square Dance etc. in the Neighborhood:  
Dancing Wheels integrate handicapable and non-handicapped
HANNOVER HEARTIES Mainstream, Plus, Advanced
SJN Square Dance Club of the Sport Youth Lower Saxonia
SWEET CHERRIES Round Dance Star Dreamers und Railway Runners im TSC Lehrte e.V.

Tanzhaus Hannover Once a month Folklore Dancing with Live Music
Nashville Linedancers Hannover
Square Dance south of Hannover

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  Records Square Dance and Folklore from Jutta Erfurth
  Dance Utilities of many kinds from Dieter Balsies
  Records from the USA via
  Contra Dance Musik from CDSS (pay with VISA/Mastercard)
  or from Anglo-American Dance Service (AADS, has a German Postbank account)
  Your selection of Contra Dance Music on CD prepared by Lloyd Shaw Foundation
  Folkdancer Music by Michael Herman is again available on 63 CDs - Contra, Traditional, Ethnic Dances
  Contracopia A Source For Contra Dance Music
  Great Meadow Music A Source For New England Contra Music on CD
  CD-Baby This and that - maybe some "private Productions".
  Tanz Verlag Reinhold Frank previously Walter Koegler
  Fidula-Verlag Boppard on the Rhine
  Squaredance-Oldies collected by Stig Malmoe and provided on CD
  Dance Books Neue Squaredance-Musik Fred Walker Square Dance Equipment from Germany

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Links to Friends:
  Derringer Music Country-Band
  Wolfgang Fredrich M.A. EDV Expert
  ABDC Entertainment Agentur Henry Garfath (England)
  Reinhard Greulich Square Dancer and Railroad-Fan
  Klaus-Peter Krüger Sport and Collector Arms
  MacRoland Roland Pahland Country Music
  Ralph Sweet Contra Dance Caller and manufacturer of Sweetheart Flutes
  Darlene Underwood (Contra Dance Caller) provides a link to my homepage

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Software I use
  My domain and homepage is hosted by Kontent GmbH
  With help from the Total Commander I put my Homepage to the Net.
  Since March 23, 2007 I phone and surf via htp
  I protect my Laptop with AntiVir by Avira
  I write my books with TextMaker from SoftMaker, Nürnberg
SoftMaker also offers first class TrueType fonts - with €-sign.
  I can write sheet music (though I cannot read it) with the Program Mozart from The Thompson Partnership
  I create PDF-files for the Acrobat-Reader with PDF Redirect from
  Here you can download the Acrobat-Reader for free
  SelfHTML THE German reference work about HTML

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Other Interesting Links
  The Christoffel-Blindenmission gets one quarter of my "income for calling".
  Geometry the online learning center - Linklist with extensive explanation for ervery link
  A virtual visit to the Market Church Hannover
  Stadtmagazin Hannover
  The NaNaNet for Hannover, Germany Songs: Lyrics, Trivia, MP3 An attempt to simplify English spelling
  Welcome to Ian's Shoelace Site!
  A List of Homepages I laughed about   <°(((((((><
  The Holy Kuran can be downloaded here. If it does not make you wiser, at least you are better informed.

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