On June 14, 2005, when I came to the Stadtteiltreff Sahlkamp to lead the usual dance evening for Open Country, there stood a group of young men in front of it. Two of them offered to carry my things up to the dance hall. Then some more came and asked if they could help. They put up tables and chairs according my requests, and were really nice. But then the housewarden came and chased them away.

During the evening I cashed two Euro for a newly written badge, but could not find my purse to put them away. Maybe I left it at home on the wardrobe; that happens sometimes. But no, it was not there; nor was it in any pocket of my other trousers. When I rummaged my jacket pockets, I realized that my calendar was missing too. That gave me some qualms.

Next day the Stadtteiltreff phoned that my purse was found; with identification card, but without money. And my calendar was found too.

Obviously, one of those young man had his fingers in my jacket.

I always considered me to be a liberal thinking person. But this could push me to the right wing. I can do without that stolen money. But the loss in confidence hurts.

Heiner Fischle, the Squarekopp

February 22, 2006:
Maybe I owe an apology to these young men. The management of the safety transport company Heros has frauded away 300 Millions Euros. Compared with this, those 30 Euros I lost were merely peanuts.
On the other hand, those 30 Euros were MY money, while the 300 millions of Heros are of no real concern to me. Perhaps I still may hold a grudge against these guys.

But if you cannot trust into a safety company, whom may you then trust any more?

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Published 2005-06-18   /   amended 2006-02-22   /   Karl-Heinrich Fischle, Hannover