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In November 2003 I started on a round trip through the homepages of the EAASDC-Clubs, with help from a Club List I had compiled from the EAASDC Directory. Compared with what other clubs have put to the Internet, my own homepage has a rather handmade appearance. And that is true: Every line was edited in HTML on my own keyboard.

Here are some remarks about what I liked - or not - on other homepages:

Large pictures on the front page, which take 30 seconds and more to load, do not impress me favorably; neither do weaving flags, wriggling dancers, or rotating club logos.

Yellow letters on an orange background look particular, but are not very readable. So are some other color combinations. Wallpapers, too, never add to the readability, but always to the loading time.

Background music, as a rule, sounds like computer music - do you like it? (This may be caused by the loudspeakers of my laptop. Anyhow, I want to hear music only if I want to hear music.)

Many clubs build their homepages on frames with a fixed width. I am not very fond of this. Since my old Laptop can only show 800 x 600 pixels, I must scroll there quite a lot.

Picture collections under the headline "Gallerie" should be renamed either as Gallery or as Galerie. This is a petty request, but the mixed spelling hurts my eyes.

Links to the club list of Alexander Pohl are of no use. (http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/4896/sdlinks.html) That list was never updated in this Millennium. (Due to higher time demands from the job, as I understand.)

A homepage which shows in November nothing but a running animal and a running text: UNDER CONSTRUCTION! - and the remark: last update 15. May 2003 - makes no favorable impression. It would be far better to put some simple information to the net, and offline tinker at a supreme homepage.

Heiner Fischle, the Squarekopp

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