Why do men and women behave differently?

Experts say that in the stone age, men went out hunting, while women remained in the cave and cared for the fire and the children, and that this difference is now embedded in our genes.
But why this difference? It is a simple calculation:

1 woman can during 1 year give birth to 1 child. This means, that every woman is responsible for the propagation of mankind. Therefore, every woman gets from nature a warning to be cautious and take care of herself.

Without regard to manners and moral, 1 man can during 1 year beget 10 children. This means, that 90% of all men could die without jeopardizing the propagation of mankind. Therefore, men do not get a warning from nature. They may be reckless, against themselves and against others.
In other words, men are meant by nature to be heroes - but then again heroes are according to nature disposable. The fame of dead heroes is a latter invention by other heroes.

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Published 2006-03-18   /   Karl-Heinrich Fischle, Hannover