The Old Bridge at Mostar
A Monument of Human Stupidity
Mostar Juni 1985
After three years of labor, the Bridge at Mostar was opened in 1566 - a masterpiece of civil engeneering.
Mostar November 1993
With much labor and costs, this bridge was destroyed on November 8, 1993, by well aimed shooting.
Mostar 1995
For some years, a provisorial bridge served the communication between the muslim and the croatic quarters of the town.
Mostar 24. Juli 2004
With 15 million dollars, collected by the UNESCO, the bridge could be rebuilt, and was reopened on July 24, 2004.

It would have been the cheapest and easiest thing on earth, to let it stand as it stood.

I wonder if anyone taking part in those Past-Yugoslavian-Wars by now is ashamed of his abysmal stupidity?
I am afraid that this idea never occurred to anyone.

Alas, there is no known cure for hate blindness. Religion does not help; quite contrary. Ratko Peric, the croatic-catholic Bishop of Mostar, did not attend the festivities at the reopening. He does not like the course things have taken.
You see: Cain and Abel were brethern, until they quarreled about religion.

There is an old wisdom:
When you wag a war, you hope to be better off afterwards.
Then you wish that your enemy shall be worse off afterwards.
Later you are gleeful that your enemy isn't any better off.
Finally you wonder why everyone is worse off.

But this wisdom is remembered only afterwards.

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Published 2004-07-30   /   new links 2011-07-13   /   Karl-Heinrich Fischle, Hannover