Different ideas about the Paradise:
The christian Paradise is a huge block of tenements.
In John 14/2, Jesus says a bit vaguely: "In my Fatherīs house are many mansions."
In the Revelation it is described with more details:
It is a square complex of buildings, surrounded by a high wall, and with three gates in every direction. These gates are never closed, because not only Godīs owm folk, but all the nations of the earth are admitted. In the midst of the streets flows a stream of water, and they are lined with fruit bearing trees.
The islamic Paradise is described in 15 Sures of the holy Kuran with 1150 verses all told.
It comprises 4 similar gardens with shady trees and flowing water. There the believing men sit on couches, drink cool lemonades or alcohol-free wine and eat fruits and poultry. They are served by big-eyed maiden and by boys who never grow beards.

As I understand, a woman may hope for a job in the serving staff, or for a quiet corner in the harem of her husband, where she may wait for him, while he enjoys himself in the Paradise Garden.

I would rather be in the Paradise of Dante Alghieri, where the happy souls forever dance and sing the praise of the Lord.
However, this is merely a poetīs paradise, and not supported by any theological authority.
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Published 2006-08-27   /   Karl-Heinrich Fischle, Hannover, Germany