Born 1935
Started Folkdancing 1960
Subscribed to Sets in Oder 1969
Learnd to call Contras in 1972
Started a Square Dance Group for Basic in 1974, which became the HAPPY SQUARES HANNOVER.
In 1981, CALLERLAB decided to submerge the Basic Program with the Extended Basics Program.
I became an Active Member of CALLERLAB in 1986.
Same year, the Happy Squares decided to learn the full Mainstream Program.
Same year, I started a Contra Dance Group, which later included the Community Dance Program.
After some meandering, this is now OPEN COUNTRY HANNOVER.

Yours squarely Heiner Fischle

Comprehensive biography
35 Years of Experience with the EAASDC (2005)
20 Years of Open Country Hannover (2006)

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Published 2014-08-01  /  Heiner Fischle, Hannover, Germany