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My friend Erich Fritz from the LAG Tanz Baden-Württemberg had gathered a tour group of 10 square dancers to enjoy the Fall foliage in the woods of New England.
Monday, September 27, 2004
I started from Hamburg, the others from Stuttgart, to meet at Paris Charles-de-Gaulle. After ninety minutes of stress (run from one terminal to the other, zig-zag queue before the passport control, then the baggage control ...) I arrived in the aircraft when the others already were seated.
We intended to start immediately from Logan Airport to Portland with two rented cars; therefore we needed to arrive together.
You can watch the progress of your flight on the screen in the back of the seat ahead.
Shuttle Shuttlebus to Avis at Logan Airport. Right in front Erich Fritz.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004
Friendly Next morning we needed a breakfast. Wiscasset A short stop in Wiscasset Sheepscot River at the bridge over the Sheepscot River
Husband Here you can rent a husband. Port Clyde The lighthouse of Port Clyde At Fairfield Inn Bangor / Maine (Mariott) it smells tasty from homemade cookies, which are offered free at the registration desk.
The complimentary continental breakfast is also quite sumptuous; only seats are sparse.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004
Today we visit the Acadia National Park. Rugged land, rugged sea, natural nature. If you are interested: there is an official Homepage and a "private" Homepage (from which you can link to all the other National Parks too).
Thunder Hole Thunder Hole: When storm drives the waves into the cleft, they somtimes catch a bubble of air and compress it, until it bursts. ohne Feder The sea wind carried away the feather from my beret. Mt. Cadillac View from Mt. Cadillac (466 m = 1,530 feet)
Egg Rock The lighthouse of Egg Rock Abendrot A flaming sunset compensated for the rather dull weather of the day. Lobster Pound But we still wanted to taste original Maine Lobster.
warten This still takes some time after ordering ... Lobster essen  
and it is tasty but toilsome.
Ground Round 2 Rounding out the day in the Ground Round near our Hotel. Here Lutz Sommercorn is in the picture.

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Thursday, September 30, 2004
Conant A short stop to buy provisions. Kürbisse Preparations for Halloween Blauer Himmel The sky is blue, the leaves turn red.
Country Craft 4 Miles before Bethel ... Gruscht a Country Craft Store Covered Bridge Soon afterwards a typical covered bridge over the Bear River.
Circle left Since the floor was smooth, we used it for a Square Dance: You circle left Promenade with pretty Red Wing, you promenade her and serenade her First Couple Dip and Dive First couple lead right, Circle half, Dip and Dive
Next Couple Dip and Dive Next couple lead right, Circle half, Dip and Dive Swing ... and everybody swing your own. Bethel Dinner break at Bethel
Essen in Bethel It is past 2pm, but you can get something to eat. Scarecrow
Obviously, the election campaign between Bush and Kerry went to the head of this scarecrow.
Difficile est satiram non scribere.
(It is difficult NOT to poke fun on this.)
Wildcat Mt. Stop at the cableway to Wildcat Mountain Pinkham Notch Gorge and waterfall at Pinkham Notch Pinkham Notch This is the Gorge ...
Wasserfall ... and this the Waterfall Hotel Reception We were rather tired when we found our lodgings in the splendid Mt. Washington Hotel at Bretton Woods.

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Friday, October 1st, 2004
Indian Summer Glorious weather for our trip to the Mount Washington Station We take the 135 years old cog railway. For such an attraction there are of course several homepages, e.g.
(the "offcial" Homepage)
(History and background)
(more pictures)
wartender Zug The engine is not damaged - the boiler is slanted for a reason. Wagen innen The couches are a bit oldfashioned ... Gratuities  
but modernized in a modest way.
Weiche There are switches in the track, so multiple trains - or rather "pushes" can be underway simultaneously. Dampf und Rauch The trains run under a white cloud of steam and a black cloud of coal smoke ... Preußische Fahne that is, under Prussian colors.
Ausblick On top of Mt. Washington there may be the worst weather of the world, but we were fortunate. Tafel Appalachian
Abwärts Soon we must take the ride down. Gipfel Rauch
It looks dramatically, but no need to worry.
Schräglage At the upward ride the windows stood straight, but the trees grew absurdly slanted.
At the ride down, the trees grow vertically again, but the windows are oblique. At the steepest part, the "Jacob's Ladder"the woman beside me laid her head on their arms and did not raise it before we reached the station.
Bremser The brakeman explains his job: The coach is not attached to the engine, but must stay close behind.
Mt. Washington Now we understand the clouds on the mountain ridge. Old Peppersass This was the first engine ... Old Peppersass which now is in retirement as a museum exhibit.
Bretton Woods On the ride back to the hotel we could fully appreciate the splendor of our domicile. Mt. Washington Hotel Other hotels started small and were enlarged by and by. The Mt. Washington Hotel was built all at one go.  
Here met in the July of 1944 the World Currency Conference, which determined for the decades to come the economy system of the Western World.
Führung In the afternoon we had a guided tour through the hotel. Speisesaal If you want to dine here, you must wear Jacket and Tie. Aussicht But you may enjoy the beautiful vista in casual clothes.

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Saturday, October 2nd, 2004
Family Restaurant Breakfast at Mt. Washington? We looked for something mor family friendly Family Breakfast ... where you could eat in your shirt sleeves. Old Man Then we wanted to pay a visit to the "Old Man of The Mountain"
Old Man 2002 Alas, he crashed down two years ago. Gruppe It was cold comfort the clouds hung that deep, that we were unable to see him in any case. Nelson Post After some difficulties to find a lodging, we rode through the night to Nelson. We parked our cars at the central Mail Point ...
Town Hall and found our way to the Town Hall, Schlange where the evening started Buffet with a lot of cheer.
Band But the the instruments were made ready Kreis . . . and the dancing starts in a big circle. Forward and Back
Band Gasse Then a lane is formed. Alt und Jung Old and young dance together.
Glanz The alcohol-free beverages are all consumed, therefore I drank a glass of wine. Hence the glow! Midnight After midnight there is more free room on the dance floor. Nelson Finally we took our leave from Nelson.

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Sunday, October 3, 2004
Comfort Inn Concord NH From the Comfort Inn in Concord, NH, where we stayed overnight a bit unplanned, Shaker Village we came to the Shaker Village Canterbury Motor The Shakers excelled in oldfashioned handcraft, but were open for the new technology of their time.
Holzstreifen 1 This is the way to get stripes of wood to weave baskets: Holzstreifen 2 You hammer on a tree-trunk until the wood gives way along the annual rings. From there we drove to Old Sturbridge Village, a museum village that large, that you are allowed to enter again next day with the same ticket.

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Montag, 4. Oktober 2004
Salem Von Sturbridge Village we came to Salem, MS. Trolley Every township in the USA who shows some pride sponsores a Trolley line which looks like an old tramway. Witch Museum Nevertheless, we footed it to the Salem Witch Museum.
Show There the Witch Hunt of 1692 is reenacted with life-size Figures, light effects, and a narration. Gerichtsverhandlung People acted very dignified in those days. Folter Rocks were piled on a suspect to press out a confession. Unfortunately, this man died, before he confessed.
Hanging Tree Others were brought to death in a more legal way. Ausgang Meanwhile this story is a tourist attraction.
And it is negligible in comparision to the rage of witchhunting in Europe.
In the evening we went to the contra dance at the Scout House Concord. Unfortunately I have no pictures for this - but on the other hand there would be not enough space on this homepage.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2004
Shuttlebus After we returned the rented cars in Boston, we went by Underground and Shuttlebus to the Science Park. There we found out that only the last tour of the planned sight-seeing trip allowed for a group of 10 persons. Until then we explored Boston in our own ways. homeduck
Boston Duck Tours
uses amphibic trucks which were originally built for the Invasion of the Normany now for amphibic sight-seeing tours.
City It goes through the canyons of the City ... Old State House ... past the Old State House ... Fahrerin ... accompanied by the commentaries of the driver.
Quack Quack Sometimes we meet another Duck Tour which is greeted with a loud QUACK! QUACK! Constitution A short look at the "Constitution" which fought "Hull's Victory". Ins Wasser Then we take to the water ourself.
Spiegelsonne The Sun is sinking Science Park From here we started. Brücke
Back Bay 1 Back Bay 2 Back Bay 3
Sonnenuntergang Schrägseilbrücke

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Wednesday, October 6, 2004
Alle 10
A small bus took us from the hotel to Logan Air Port. There the driver was kind enough to take the only picture with all 10 participants of our group.
Airports in the USA have no bagage storage any more. Therefore we hung around for more than two hours, until we could get rid of our bagage at the check-in point.
Then we still had three hours to explore Boston.

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Thursday, October 7, 2004
Next morning at Paris I had theoretically 55 minutes to change to the plane for Hannover. We arrived 10 minutes late. Then we drove for half an hour along the runways, before we were allowed to unfasten the seat belts. Then I stood for another 10 minutes at row 42, before the queue started to move. Then we were carried with airport busses for a quarter of an hour around the apron. Then we had to pass the passport control, and finally I could start to run. No chance whatsoever. My flight for Hannover was underway since long ago.

But the ladies at the Air France counter were friendly and helpful. They did not ask questions, but wrote me a ticket for a flight 2 hours later. My bagage stayed also in Paris, so it would arrive with the same flight as me. Moreover I got a voucher for lunch and for a phone call home. Merci bien!

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