Traditional Square Dance

If the dancers at the end of the dance still have an idea what they did, then it is possible to build a tradition on this. In my opinion, this is a basic requirement for Traditional Square Dance.

Appalachian Dancing
Within a Big Circle, two couples dane a funny figure, then the active couple goes on to the next couple. Lots of swing, tempo 132 ... 140 bpm.

Kentucky Running Set
Four couples in a square dance similar figures as in the Appalachian Big Circle Dancing. One active couple visits in turn the other three couples (Visiting Couples).

This kind of dancing came over the Mississippi to the Prairie and became there the
Cowboy Dances.
There are other concepts too; e.g. one couple starts with the couple next to him, and then includes by and by the other two couples.

Four Couples stand in a square formation, and the two couples opposite each other dance a preset routine.

My Dream
It would be my dream to call Traditional Square Dance fo an able-bodied group - easy, funny, zesty.

See also: History of Square Dance

Table of contents of my Manuscript Traditional Square Dance

Foster Cards (Drawings about old calls) at Vic Ceder
Cowboy Dances by Lloyd Shaw online

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Published 2003-01-01  /  revised 2003-12-12  /  amended 2007-12-12  /  Heiner Fischle, Hannover, Germany